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Sansui Electric in Early Days

Those who know Sansui with the famed later products, such as the BA-5000, the CA-3000, or the AU-20000, or receivers and tuners, such as the G-33000 or TU-919, might say "Sansui Tube Gear???"  However, the reality was that Sansui built its foundation with transformer business, and established its first international fame with the 1000A Tube Receiver.  Of course, the signature tube product was the AU-111 at the very end of tube era followed by less known, but impressive tube amplifiers.  More details....    

Sansui Products in Tube Era

Sansui's very first product lines were bare transformers; this means no Sansui amplifiers or no Sansui receivers at the beginning.  After the initial success with high quality transformers, Sansui started marketing kit amps and receivers followed by many well built tube amplifiers and receivers.  One thing in common among these early Sansui products was that Sansui never compromised in quality.  This philosophy in quality was Sansui's absolute priority until the late 1970's.  More details....

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