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HC-507U Single-Ended Output Transformer


The Hashimoto HC-507U is for applications that require 5K or 7K Ohms primary with up to 20 Watts output level into 4, 8, 16 Ohms.  The HC-507U is equipped with an Ultra-Linear tap for both 5K and 7k Ohms primary, and its frequency response covers between 30Hz and 60,000Hz (+-3db) - please click the right thumbnail to see the actual chart.  The HC-507U is called a universal type because it can be used under 5K or 7K Ohms of primary through separate B+ terminals.  Since the HC-507U has separate B+ terminals, it also has independent Ultra-Linear taps for each primary impedance.  The HC-507U is suitable for single-ended applications that utilize popular vacuum tubes, such as 6V6, 6L6-GC, 6BQ5 (EL-84) , 6F6, KT-66, VT52, and 45.  The HC-507U is a brand new product that Hashimoto introduced at the 11th Tube Audio Fair in Tokyo on October 8, 2005.  The HC-507U is a cost down version of the Hashimoto's best seller, the H-20-7U.  The differences between these two models are; 1. The HC-507U does not have the protective outer shield that is filled with the special pitch to protect the core from the electro-magnetic interferences and noises.  2. Because of the less protection from the electro-magnetic interferences and noises, the core is designed a little more conservative way to satisfy narrower frequency response.  Otherwise, the HC-507U has the very similar sound characteristics to the famed H-20-7U.         

The HC-507U measures 90 (W) x 90 (D) x 83 (H) mm, and weighs 2.0Kg (4.4 LB).  The Primary Inductance can be chosen between 20H/70mA (5K Ohms) and 26H/60mA (7K Ohms).  The Maximum DC Current can be up to 100mA.




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