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A-105 Interstage Driver Transformer


The Hashimoto A-105 is a very versatile interstage driver transformer with the possibility of using both the primary and the secondary for series or parallel connection.  The primary impedance of the A-105 (with the primary series connection) is 5K Ohms that is suitable for a triode driver stage with the maximum of 15mA primary current (30mA with the primary parallel connection).  The secondary of the A105 can be used for series, parallel, or Push-Pull connection with 1:1, 1:0.5, or 1:0.5+0.5 primary to secondary ratio, respectably.  When the secondary is connected as the Push-Pull arrangement, the A-105 can be used as a phase splitter.  Because of its wide frequency response range (25 to 35,000 Hz +-2dB - please click the right thumbnail to see the actual chart), the A-105 virtually eliminates the weakness of interstage driver transformers with the incredible mid range sound that you can not simply experience through CR couplings.              


The A-105 measures 52 (W) x 58 (D) x 85 (H) mm, and weighs 0.8Kg (1.8 LB).  The Primary Inductance is 60H (under the primary series connection, Ib=7mA, 5V, 50Hz).





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