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Output Transformer Comparison Part 2 - Single Ended Transformers

This article was originally featured on the "Tube Kingdom" 2004 Spring issue Vol32.  (The "Tube Kingdom" is a quarterly publication from Stereo Sound Publishing Inc.)  The title of this article is "10 Output Transformers Sound Comparison on 300B / 6BQ5 Single-Ended Amplifiers".  Mr. Tadaatsu Atarashi constructed the power amplifiers, and Mr. Atarashi replaced output transformers each time before conducting the listening test.  Along with Mr. Atarashi, Mr. Hirokazu Shinoda and Mr. Ryuichi Sato took notes for sound characteristic on each transformer. 

Comparison Parameters

bulletTest A: PL83 (similar to 6BQ5) Single-Ended Power Amplifier with Hashimoto PT-100 Power Transformer.
bulletTest B: WE300B(A) Single-Ended Power Amplifier with Tango No. 1150B Power Transformer
bullet"Koibumi - Miyuki Nakazima" Yamaha Music Communicaions: YCCM-00044
bullet"Sayonara today" by Hiroyasu Yaguchi FINEQ RECORDS: FINEQ1002  
bullet"Stereo Sound Reference Record" Phillips SSPH-3001


Reference Equipments

bulletCD Player - Studer A730
bulletAttenuator - TechLab 600 Ohms Type T
bulletWestern Electric 594A
bulletWestern Eelctric 31A
bulletJensen  825
bulletJensen L20



bulletTest A: PL83 (similar to 6BQ5) Single-Ended Power Amplifier


bulletTest B: WE300B(A) Single-Ended Power Amplifier 















Ten output transformers from five manufactures were compared on this test.  These five companies include Lundahl in Sweden, Tango, Hashimoto, P&C, and Andix.  Hashimoto Electric sent two models for this test; the H507S, the H20-3.5U, and the H30-3.5S.   Here are opinions on Hashimoto transformers from three testers.

  Mr. Atarashi's Opinions Mr. Shinoda's Opinions Mr.Sato's Opinions
Hashimoto H507S:

Used on Test A



Rich, smooth, and elegant sound

Realistic image

Good balanced sound

Feel the presence of music hall

Three dimensional

Good cost performance

Good low

Musical sound

Nice vocal

Hashimoto H20-3.5U:

Used on Test B


High quality and elegant sound

Balanced and smooth

Feel the presence of musicians


Well balanced at high level

Rich, but with sharp and clear image

Sound with warmness

Nice vocal

Analog like sound

Hashimoto H30-3.5S:

Used on Test B



Well balanced sound

As if listening to real voice without the amplifier


Dense, but sensitive sound

Music draws attention of listeners

Very realistic piano sound

Rich, soft, and balanced sound

Wanted to hear more energy



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